Winter Avatar icon

Winter Avatar is an oskill that casts an avatar which covers an area with waves of frost.


Winter Avatar

Attack - Floating avatar that blasts the area with frost novas
Requires a melee weapon

Item Granted Skill

Enemies closer to the Avatar receive more damage
Cooldown: 0.9 seconds

Cold Damage: xxx-xxxx
Mana Cost: xxx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Winter Avatar skill can be found on following items:

  • Sacred Uniques
  • Set Items
  • Runewords
    • Galdr (Scepters, Oskill)
    • Naiad (Throwing Knives, Proc)
    • Ker (Sorceress Orbs, Proc)
    • Sagarmatha (Barbarian Helms, Charged Oskill)
  • Crafted / Magic / Rare Items
    • 100% Ctc lvl 31 Winter Avatar when you Die on Helms


Image needs updating as of 18 January 2019.

Winter Avatar


Median XL: Sigma

1.0 Has been greatly improved 

 Is now a melee spell with a cooldown of 0.9 seconds 
 Frost novas only appear directly under the avatar, allowing for greater single target damage 
 Damage increased by 150%, area of effect increased by 40% 

Older Versions
Letter Versions
1.E9 RC 2 Increased damage.
Median XL Alpha
018 Reduced duration, removed skill timer.
010 Increased average damage by 33%.
Median 2008
1.57 BETA


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