Vanquish icon

Vanquish is an oskill buff that gives a huge damage boost to the player or a target ally.



Temporarily grants a huge damage boost to self or target ally

Item Granted Skill

Can be cast on other units
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Duration: 3 seconds
Physical Damage: +xxx%
Mana Cost: xx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Vanquish skill can be found on following items:




Older Versions
Median 2008
1.54 Skill timer is now correct.
1.53 Gains 0.2 seconds of duration per hard point into the skill.
1.49 Now adds a bonus of 50% crushing blow at all skill levels.
Median 2006
1.13 The life regeneration on kills from Vanquish now works 100% of the time.
1.12 Enabled Vanquish and Raven Heart skills to be cast on other players and minions.
Median 2 Special Edition
0.09 beta Increased damage bonus.
Median 2
1.14 Fixed hover text description; now has the correct duration.
1.13 Reduced duration at high levels. Now has the proper duration and skill timer.
1.9 No longer costs mana.
1.4 Fixed incorrect colour state and graphics.
1.3 Now a self-buff that enables your attacks to pierce resistances.
0.7 beta Increased bonus attack rating.
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