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Thundercrack is an Amazon Storm tree skill which upon melee attack shoots out lightning bolts.

In-game Description of Skill


Projectile - Lightning arcs through your enemies
Requires a scepter

110% Weapon Damage
Up to 7 Lightning Bolts
Converts 30% physical damage to lightning

Lightning damage: xx-xx

Mana Cost: xx


The Thundercrack skill can be found on the following items:




Median XL: Sigma
1.0 Weapon damage increased to 110%, up from 100%.
Median XL 2017
1.3 Lightning conversion reduced from 50% to 30%; Weapon damage increased from 80% to 100%; Bonus lightning damage per skill level increased by 100%
1.2 Skill is now an attack rather than a projectile type; Now adds 10% bonus defense to Asterism per Base Level; Lightning bolts have increased range, a bigger area of effect and deliver more hits per second; Conversion to lightning damage is now fixed at 50% and the bonus lightning damage increases for all skill levels
1.1 Weapon damage increased.
1.0 Weapon damage increased, now adds flat lightning damage until higher levels, converts less damage to lightning
MXL Ultimative
XVI Fixed a (massive) bug that made lightnings [sic] not pierce.
XVc Fixed description.
XV Skill was introduced as part of the new Amazon Storm Askari tree.
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