This template is for easily adding items. It styles the various parts of the text and uses other templates to format the item text.

Parameters: {{Item|img|name|color|desc|base|stats}}

  • img - the image link (only internal wiki link)
  • name - the item name
  • color - the color of the item name
  • desc - description of the item, under the name, but before the stats
  • base - the base stats of the item (white)
  • stats - the magic stats of the item (blue)

Example (uses Template:Color and Template:Lines):

|name=Some Charm
|desc={{Color|Purple|Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus}}
|base=Defense: 1000
|stats={{Lines|Indestructible|Socketed (6)}}

This produces:

Median Statue.png
Some Charm
Keep in Inventory to Gain Bonus
Defense: 1000
Socketed (6)
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