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Solar Flare is a Paladin dragon tree spell which leaves a damaging circle of fire at the player's feet as well as enabling the other dragon tree skills for a duration of 10 seconds.


Solar Flare

Spell - Scorch the ground beneath your feet, radiating holy fire

Holy Skill

Duration: 10 seconds

Fire Damage: xx-xx
Mana Cost: xx

Energy: +xxx% Increased Damage

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Solar Flare skill can be found on following items:


Solar Flare


Median XL 2017
1.1 Duration of skill unlock increased to 10 seconds. You may now recast this skill while it is still active, damage halved
1.0 Mana cost greatly reduced, duration increased to 6 seconds
MXL Ultimative
XVI Skill was introduced, replacing Dragon Oath.
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