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Shamanic Trance is a Barbarian Spirits tree buff skill that increases life and damage of spirits and provides the player with weapon damage and strength factor to spells.


Shamanic Trance

Buff - Improves the combat prowess of you and your spirits

Ancient Spirits
Bonus Damage: 1% per Point of Base Strength
Bonus Life: 1% per 2 Points of Base Strength
+xx Maximum Spirits

Duration: xx seconds
Mana Cost: xx

Weapon Damage: +xx% per Base Level in the Spirits Tree
Strength Factor: +5 per Base Level in the Spirits Tree

+1 Additional Ancient Spirit per 7 Base Levels
Any Spirits Skill: +1% Weapon Damage per Base Level (Max 15%)

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Shamanic Trance skill can be found on following items:


Shamanic Trance

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