The Nephalem Rifts are endgame zones for gathering items and experience. They may be only accessed on Hell difficulty, except for Kurast 3000 BA and Tran Athulua (see the Ennead Challenge and Level Challenge).

Image Name Act Location Required Level Reward Drop Bias Difficulty
Island of the Sunless Sea QICON Island of the Sunless Sea Act II Island of the Sunless Sea 105 Six Angel Bag Gold Very easy
Bull Prince Rodeo QICON Secret Cow Level Act I Secret Cow Level 110 None Junk items Easy
Torajan Jungles QICON Torajan Jungles Act III Torajan Jungles 110 None Signets Easy
Kurast 3000 BA QICON Kurast 3000 BA Act III Kurast 3000 BA 115 Hammer of the Taan Judges Set items and Shrines Moderate
High Heavens QICON High Heavens Act IV Diamond Gates
Silver City
Library of Fate
Silver Spire Level 1
Silver Spire Level 2
Crystal Arch
115 Zakarum's Ear Rare items Moderate
Tran Athulua QICON Tran Athulua Act II Tran Athulua 115 Sunstone of the Gods Unique items Moderate
Teganze QICON Teganze Act III Teganze 120 Umbaru Treasure Essences and runestones Hard
The Triune QICON The Triune Act III The Triune 120 Corrupted Wormhole Cycles Hard
Duncraig QICON Duncraig Act I Corrupted Abbey 120 Demonsbane Sacred items Hard
Toraja QICON Toraja Act III Toraja 125 Lylia's Curse Great runes:
Very hard
Viz-Jun QICON Viz-Jun Act III Viz-Jun 125 Cold Fusion Schematics Jewels Very hard
Fauztinville QICON Fauztinville Act V Fauztinville 125 None Shrines
Great runes:
Ghal rune
Qor rune
Taha rune
Very hard
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