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Ravenous Flames is an oskill aura which offers varying bonuses depending on your stat allocation.


Ravenous Flames

Aura - Burns nearby enemies with all-consuming fire

Burning Damage
+1% Damage per 6 Vitality
-1% Damage per 10 Energy

Burning Range
+1% Radius per 13 Energy
-1% Radius per 20 Dexterity

Fire Damage to Weapon
+1.5 Damage per 1 Dexterity
-1 Damage per 1 Strength

Physical Resist
+1% per 60 Strength
-1% per 120 Vitality

+1 Life Regenerated per Second per 6 Vitality

Physical Resist: +xx%
Fire Damage to Weapon: +xxxx
Burning Damage: xxxx
Radius: xx yards
xx Life Regenerated per Second

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Ravenous Flames skill can be found on following item:


Ravenous Flames


Median XL: Sigma

1.0 Skill was introduced as an aura which supports two different play styles depending on your attribute allocation. 
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