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Phalanx is an Amazon Bow devotion skill which forms a wall of archers that attack enemies.

In-game Description of Skill


Projectile - Summon a legion of deadly archers to attack enemies
Requires a bow or crossbow

85% Weapon Damage
Cooldown: x seconds

Wall width: xx yards
Mana Cost: xx

Cooldown Reduced by 0.4 Seconds per Level

Skill Stats


Skill Level Hard Skill Points Soft Skill Points
1 Cooldown: 5.6 seconds

Wall width: 17 yards
Mana Cost: 80

5 Cooldown: 4 seconds

Wall width: 26 yards
Mana Cost: 104

10 Cooldown: 2 seconds

Wall width: 37 yards
Mana Cost: 134

15 Cooldown: 0 second

Wall width: 48 yards
Mana Cost: 164

20 Cooldown: 0 second

Wall width: 59 yards
Mana Cost: 194


Phalanx can be found on the following items:




Median XL 2017

1.0 Area coverage decreased, damage per second increased, mana progression reworked
Older Versions
MXL Ultimative
v6e Reduced effects. 
v001 Slightly increased wall length; added 10% chance to knockback.
Median XL Alpha
021 Mana cost fixed at 250.
019 Doubled mana cost.
018 Skill timer now hits 0 with enough hard points.
Median 2008
1.57BETA Damage is now correctly 3/2.
1.53 Elfin Arrows replaced Phalanx as a Druid skill.
1.46 Now gains 0-100% conversion to magic, mana cost fixed at 35.
Beta Midterm Patch 2 Can now be mapped under the left mouse button.
Median 2007
1.23 Increased density of Phalanx arrows; narrowed area of effect.
Median 2006
1.14 Reduced missile density at all levels
Median 2 Special Edition
0.09 beta Greatly increased damage modifier.
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