Some targets on the battlefield may drop special items or tokens. They grant useful bonuses when cubed with the Class Charm you picked up in Kurast 3000 BA.

Veteran Tokens

In Nightmare and Hell difficulty, you can find veteran monsters near the end of each Act. There are 5 types of veteran monsters, one for each Act.

Note: They don't always spawn so sometimes several runs are needed to find them.

Kill them and receive an 'Evil Eye' token:


Act Monster Location
1 Clawstorm Terror Barracks
2 Fairy Witch Canyon of the Magi
3 Glowing Blob Travincal
Durance of Hate
4 Landmass City of the Damned
River of Flame
5 Bane Hunter Worldstone Keep


Class Charm [Class Charm] + each of the 5 tokens → Class Charm returns [Class Charm] with added bonuses
This upgrade recipe adds the following bonuses:

+1 to [Your class] Skill Levels
+20% to Experience Gained