Median XL Wiki

The maps below are for Median XL: Sigma v1.0.4b (currently in the process of being updated for v2.0)

Level Quest Map
Arreat Summit Assault on Mount Arreat Arreat Summit Map (past)
Bastion of the Triune The Triune Bastion of the Triune Map
Bramwell None Bramwell Map
Bremmtown Ghosts of Old Bremmtown Bremmtown Map
Butcher's Lair Horror Under Tristram

Entrance: ButcherEntrance
Lair: Butcher's Lair Map

Caldeum None Caldeum Map
Canyon of the Magi The Binding of Baal Canyon of the Magi Map (past)
Chamber of Blood Legacy of Blood Chamber of Blood Map
Chapel of Vanity Cathedral of Light Cathedral of Vanity Map
Church of Dien-Ap-Sten Black Road Church of Dien-Ap-Sten Map
Corral of Corruption Bull Prince Corral of Corruption
Corrupted Abbey Duncraig Corrupted Abbey Map
Crystal Arch Judgement Day Crystal Arch Map
Diamond Gates Judgement Day Diamond Gates Map
Dimensional Sanctum Horazon's Sanctum Dimensional Sanctum Map
Duncraig Duncaig Duncraig Map1
Edge of Nothingness Herald of the End

Hall: Edge of Nothingness Hall Map
Boss Area: Edge of Nothingness Boss Map

Edyrem's Path Nephalem's Sacrifice

Stage 1: Edyrem's Path Map1
Stage 2: Edyrem's Path Map2
Stage 3: Edyrem's Path Map3
Stage 4: Edyrem's Path Map4
Stage 5: Edyrem's Path Map5
Stage 6: Edyrem's Path Map6
Stage 7: Edyrem's Path Map7
Stage 8: Edyrem's Path Map8
Stage 9: Edyrem's Path Map9
Stage 10: Edyrem's Path Map10

Fauztinville Fauztinville Fauztinville Map
Genesis Archbishop Lazarus Genesis Map
Halls of Valor Judgement Day Halls of Valor Map
Infernal Cave Infernal Machine Infernal Cave Map
Invasion Invasion I, Invasion II, Invasion III

Riftwalker: Storm Oasis Map
Greater Riftwalker: Storm Cave Map
Ascendant Riftwalker: Storm Pit Map

Island of Skartara Twin Seas Island of Skartara Map
Island of the Sunless Sea Island of the Sunless Sea Island of the Sunless Sea Map
Kingdom of Shadow Kingdom of Shadow Kingdom of Shadow Map
Kurast 3000 BA Kurast 3000 BA Kurast 3000 BA Map
Court of the Damned Legion of the Damned Court Of The Damned
Library of Fate High Heavens Library of Fate Map
Mbwiru Eikura Spirit World Mbwiru Eikura Map
Path to Enlightenment Banisher of Light The Black Road Map
Pools of Wisdom Judgement Day Pools of Wisdom Map
Proving Grounds Death Projector Proving Grounds Map
Rathma Square Rathma Square Rathma Square Map
Realm of Lies Lord of Lies Realm of Lies Map
Realm of Sin Heart of Sin

Maze: Realm of Sin Map
Arena: Heart of Sin Map

Secret Pacman Level None

Level 1: Pacman Level Map
Level 2: Pacman Level 2 Map

Silver City High Heavens Silver City Map
Silver Spire Level 1 Judgement Day Silver Spire Level 1 Map
Silver Spire Level 2 Judgement Day Silver Spire Level 2 Map
Teganze Teganze Teganze Map
The Void (Black Abyss) The Void The Void Map1 Abyss
The Void (Plane of Sloth) The Void The Void Map2 Sloth
The Void (Plane of Gluttony) The Void The Void Map3 Gluttony
The Void (Plane of Greed) The Void The Void Map4 Greed
The Void (Plane of Lust) The Void The Void Map5 Lust
The Void (Plane of Wrath) The Void The Void Map6 Wrath
The Void (Plane of Envy) The Void The Void Map7 Envy
The Void (Plane of Pride) The Void The Void Map8 Pride
The Void (Bosses) The Void The Void Map9 Boss
Toraja Toraja Toraja Map
Torajan Cemetery None Torajan Cemetery Map
Torajan Jungles Torajan Jungles Torajan Jungles Map
Tran Athulua Tran Athulua

Level Challenge: Tran Athulua LC Map
Hell: Tran Athulua Map

Uldyssian's Tomb Nephalem's Sacrifice Uldyssian's Tomb
Vizjerei Temple Quov Tsin Vizjerei Temple Map
Vizjun Vizjun Vizjun
Chamber of Offerings Inquisitor of the Triune Chamber Of Offering Map
Web of Deceit Astrogha Web of Deceit Map
World Nexus Nymyr's Light

Nexus Bridge Nexus Bridge Level 1 Map
World Nexus: World Nexus Map

Wretched Sands Xazax Wretched Sands Map
Yshari Sanctum Yshari Sanctum

Specter of Hatred: Yshari Sanctum Map Stage 1
Dream of Anguish: Yshari Sanctum Map Stage 2
Phantasm of Terror: Yshari Sanctum Map Stage 3
Figment of Pain: Yshari Sanctum Map Stage 4
Snare of Destruction: Yshari Sanctum Map Stage 5
Yshari Sanctum: Yshari Sanctum Map Final Stage