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Magnetic Field is an Amazon Storm tree skill which casts a lightning damaging field around the caster.

In-game Description of Skill

Magnetic Field

Spell - Conjure a massive field of energy
Requires a scepter

60% weapon damage
Converts 100% Physical Damage to Lightning
Enemies closer to the center take increased damage

Lightning damage: xx-xx
Mana cost: xx

+15% Increased Lightning Damage per Base Level


The Magnetic Field skill can be found on the following items:


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Median XL: Sigma
1.0 weapon damage increased to 60%, up from 55%. Bonus damage increased by 25%
Median XL 2017
1.3 Radius reduced by 30%; Lightning conversion increased from 66% to 100% (better damage due to full benefit from pierce but less farming utiliy due to loss of leech and immunities); Weapon damage reduced to 55%, down from 60%, mana cost increased by 33%
1.2 The damage mechanics of this skill have been redone and damage per second is now greatly increased; Enemies within the field will now always be hit, regardless if stationary or on the move; Enemies closer to the center of the field take increased damage; Weapon damage has been increased to 60%, mana cost at level 1 significantly increased
1.1 Weapon damage increased.
1.0 Greatly increased damage.
MXL Ultimative
XVI Modified mechanics to work more efficiently, increased field density and max damage.
XVc Increased lightning damage.
XV Skill was introduced as part of the new Amazon Storm Askari tree.
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