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Lion Stance is a Barbarian stance which increases weapon physical damage and gives bonus magic damaged based on a percentage of strength, but with the caveat of reduced physical damage resistance.


Lion Stance

Stance - Increases damage and damage received
Stances only affect you and your minions

Bonus Magic Damage: xx-xx% of Base Strength

Weapon Physical Damage: +xxx%
Physical Damage Resistance: -xx%

Spirit Walk
Magic Damage: +14-18% of Base Strength per Base Level

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Lion Stance skill can be found on following items:

  • Tiered Uniques
  • Sacred Uniques
  • Runewords
    • Kodiak (Throwing Axes, Damage Bonus)
    • Trishula (Amazon Javelins, Oskill)
    • Anak (Barbarian Weapons, Damage Bonus)
    • Rhea (Necromancer Crossbows, Oskill)
    • Crusade (Paladin Helms, Oskill)
  • Crafted / Magic / Rare Items
    • +(3 to 7) to Lion Stance on Sorceress Crystal Swords


Median XL 2017

1.0 Reversed the physical resistance penalty progression, starts low and increases with level, increased bonus damage
Older Versions
v001 (Mentioned, but no changes logged)
Letter Versions
1.Z9 Now starts at a much higher damage taken penalty, which decreases with skill level to its original 25% (no effect at higher levels, but it isn't insta godmode at low levels anymore).
1.E9 RC Extra damage penalty reduced to 25% from 50%.
1.A9 Beta Corrected display showing excessive damage; reduced ED% component; removed max level synergy but increased magic damage per level.
Number Versions
1.99 beta 2 Corrected damage bug.
1.95 test 2 Capped magic damage synergy at level 50 to avoid overflow-bug-thing.
1.90 Did a lot of ...stuff...
Median XL Alpha
024 Doubled deadly strike bonus to 4% per level but reduced enhanced damage.
015 Listed damage is now correct.
009 Greatly increased damage bonus at all levels.
Median 2008
1.57BETA Deadly strike synergy now works.
1.53 Added a self-synergy that gives 2% deadly strike per hard point into the skill.
1.46 Increased damage bonus to 200% +75%/level from 150% +40%/level.
(Date skill was added unknown)
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