The Library of Fate, part of the High Heavens rift complex, is accessible via the Silver City. It is home to the Zakarum's Avatar minibosses, whose invulnerability can be broken by killing an Ethereal nearby, causing their resistance to drop; they have a chance to drop the ubercharm Zakarum's Ear. The portal to the Chapel of Vanity is found in the Library of Fate.


Heaven. Nirvana. Celestia. Call it what you will. Home of the heavenly host, which almost destroyed the taint on creation that is the mortal plane twice and allowed it to get overrun by the forces of Hell. Far from being the beings of love they are believed to be by the common folk, the angels of the High Heavens present a clear and present danger to Sanctuary. It may be better to strike first.

Drop bias

Increased chance to drop rare items and Depleted Riftstones.

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