HOW TO DO THE LEVEL CHALLENGE 2 (removed in patch 1.0.0 (2019))


Do the Death Projector  uberquest on Terror difficulty and defeat the Death Projector .

This will trigger the whirly effect. Cube your Class Charm  with a perfect gem to receive additional bonuses if your character's level is low enough.

You have 30 seconds to cube the Class Charm  after destroying Death Projector , so keep your cube empty!

Class Charm Unidentified [Class Charm] + perfect gem → returns [Class Charm] with added bonuses Class Charm

Requires: level 90 or below

This upgrade recipe adds the following bonuses:

Amazon : uses Sacred Sunstone

Increase Maximum Life 5%

Replenish Life +25

Assassin : uses Shadow Vortex

Curse Length Reduced by 25%

5% Chance to Avoid Damage

Barbarian : uses Worldstone Orb

5% Bonus to Summoned Minion Life

+1% to Defense per Socketed Rune

Druid : uses Caoi Dulra Fruit

Total Character Defense Plus 25%

All Resists +5%

Necromancer : uses Soulstone Shard

+1 Extra Totems

10% Bonus to Summoned Minion Damage

Paladin : uses Eye of Divinity

Damage Reduced by 5%

Total Character Defense Plus 10%

Sorceress : uses Nexus Crystal

+15% Bonus to Energy Factor

+3% to Spell Damage

Btw. You gain no experience on Terror difficulty from Death Projector itself. Keep trying until you succeed!