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Incarnation (Skill) is a Paladin Dragon skill tree passive that gives life steal, spell damage, and a flat bonus to attack rating while Solar Flare is active.


Incarnation (Skill)

Passive - The power of the light strengthens you in combat
(Works only after using Solar Flare)
Holy Skill

Life Steal: xx%
Fire, Cold, Magic and Physical Spell Damage: +xx%

+xxx to Attack Rating

+2% Life Steal per Base Level
+5% Spell Damage per Base Level

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Incarnation skill is not found on any other items.


Median XL 2017
1.2 Life steal at level 1 reduced from 17% to 5%, attack rating bonus reduced by 30%, spell damage increased by 25%
1.0 Slightly increased the spell damage bonus, slightly reduced the initial life leech amount
MXL Ultimative
XVI Skill was introduced, replacing Demonrend
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