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Ice Elementals is a Sorceress Cold skill tree summon which attacks with a chance to cast glacial nova and has an aura which gives defense and physical damage reduction.


Ice Elementals

Summon - Ice elementals with a freezing nova attack

Cold Skill

1% Chance to Cast Level 6 Glacial Nova

Frost Essence Aura
+50% Cold Resistance
+100% Minion Damage
+5% Maximum Cold Resistance

Elementals: xx
Attack Rating: xxx
Life: xxx Hit Points
Damage: xx-xx
Mana Cost: xx

All Sorceress Elemental Passives
Frigid Sphere: +15% Life per Base Level
Shatter the Flesh: +15% Physical Damage per Base Level

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Ice Elementals skill can be found on following items:


Ice Elemental


Median XL 2017

1.3 No longer have an aura which grants a total defense bonus and damage reduction

These stats were extremely synergetic with the lightning and poison passives and also incredibly powerful, to the point where any optimal caster sorceress would always be X + cold

Therefore these stats have been removed and sorceress defenses have been enhanced in other ways to compensate

Their aura now provides +5% to maximum cold resistance, +50% cold resistance and +100% minion damage

1.0 All stats increased, reduced frost armor aura damage reduction; maximum number of minions is now 15
Older Versions
v004 Increased health by 50%.
v001 Corrected damage and attack rating display.
v002 Now benefits from Snow Queen.
v001 Now inherits every regular passive except Snow Queen.
Letter Versions
1.Z9 Reduced cap to 25 but improved hit points.
1.F9f Slightly reduced life.
1.E9 Removed fire resist penalty.
1.E9 RC Can now be mapped under left click.

Added 25% damage reduction to their Frost Armor aura.

1.D9 Consolidated synergies, so you no longer need to max the entire cold tree; increased run speed; added +% defense aura (the other promised changes didn't work, sigh).
1.A9 prerelease Reduced Glacial Nova proc chance but increased damage and life.
1.A9 RC4 Greatly increased damage; increased mana cost; reduced Glacial Nova CtC% due to lag.
Number Versions
1.86 Corrected description.
Median XL Alpha
024 Now inherit Illumination and Warp Armor.
022 Max elementals synergy now works.
012 Increased chance to cast Glacial Nova to 4%; removed item reqs.
009 Reduced Glacial Nova chance from 10% to 2%.
003 Reduced damage and life; fixed life synergy.
Median 2008
1.55 Added damage from Arcane Torrent, life from Mage Armor.
1.53 Greatly increased physical damage at all skill levels, increased freeze length.
1.52 Are now properly affected by +% to minion resistances.
1.48 Greatly increased life from 30 points per level to 90 points per level.
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