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Holy Trap is an oskill which unleashes fiery waves when triggered. This skill is used most commonly by Daystar.


Holy Trap

Holy landmine that unleashes fiery waves when triggered

Item Granted Skill

Duration: 5 seconds
Average Fire Damage: xx-xxx per second
20 yards
Mana Cost: xx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Holy Trap skill can be found on following items:

  • Runewords
    • Savitr (Barbarian Weapons, Proc)


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Older Versions
Letter Versions
1.D9 Brimstone replaces Holy Trap as a Paladin skill.

Added to the oskill list.

1.A9 prerelease Corrected synergy description.
Number Versions
1.95 Duration reduced because of some obsessive HT spammers.
Median 2008
1.55 Increased maximum damage, boosting average damage by 60%.
1.48 Increased fire damage synergy from 3% to 7% per point.

Holy Trap as a chance to cast skill on items is now properly synergised by Searing Orb.

1.44 Reduced fire damage synergy from 10% to 3% per point.
1.42 C Reduced fire damage synergy from 15% to 10%.
Median 2006
1.14 The Holy Trap skill now really no longer causes you to end up with permanent life loss.
1.13 Repeated casting of Holy Trap no longer causes you to gain permanent life degen.
Median 2 Special Edition
0.09 beta Increased minimum damage.
Median 2

Reduced maximum damage and minimum damage ramp per level.

1.8 Decreased maximum damage, decreased flame range.
1.7 Reduced number of flame trails to prevent lag, increased damage.
0.7beta Increased minimum damage ramp.
0.3beta Display is now correct for necros.

Slightly changed graphics.

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