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Hammer of Zerae is an Amazon Storm tree skill which sends out a mace which spirals around the player, similar to Blessed Hammer from CLoD.

In-game Description of Skill

Hammer of Zerae

Spell - An electrically charged mace whirls around you
Requires a scepter
Minimum required level to learn skill: 12

150% Weapon Damage
Lightning Damage scales with Spell Damage

Lightning damage: xx-xx
Mana Cost: xx

Energy: +xx% increased lightning damage


The Hammer of Zerae skill can be found on the following items :


Hammer of Zerae


Median XL 2017
1,2 Bonus lightning damage now scales with spell damage. Refactored numbers to avoid damage cap issues
1.1 Weapon damage and bonus lightning damage increased, hammer hit box increased
1.0 Weapon damage greatly increased, flying scepters now rotate more rapidly
MXL Ultimative
XVI Increased damage and weapon modifier from 3/4 to 3/2.
XVc Slightly increased lightning damage.
XV Skill was introduced as part of the new Amazon Storm Askari tree
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