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Hailstorm is an oskill that sends icy shards from the sky raining down on enemies.



Uses target enemy as a focus for a storm of ice and frost

Item Granted Skill

Duration: xx seconds
Cold Damage: xxx-xxx
Mana Cost: xxx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Hailstorm skill can be found on following items:

  • Sacred Uniques
  • Set Items
  • Runewords
  • Crafted / Magic / Rare Items
    • +(22 to 30) to Hailstorm on Amulets
    • 4% Ctc lvl 46 Hailstorm on Kill on Paladin Spears and Assassin Naginatas


Below is a animated image of how the skill looks like in-game:



Median XL 2017

1.2 Duration reduced by 20%
Older Versions
v001 No longer erroneously requires level 105.
Letter Versions
1.G9b Cyclone replaced Hailstorm as a Druid elemental skill.

Added Hailstorm oskill to affix pool of amulets.

Added proc to affix pool of Naginatas and Paladin Spears.

1.D9 Improved graphics by removing bugged light radius.
1.A9 RC4 No longer misfires if you don't click on the target.
Median XL Alpha
001 Skill was introduced, replacing Winter Avatar as a Druid elemental skill.
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