Frostfire Wave icon

Frostfire Wave is an oskill which sends homing waves of cold damage.


Frostfire Wave

Unleash homing waves of frost upon your enemies

Item Granted Skill
Cold Damage: xxx-xxx
Mana Cost: xx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Frostfire Wave skill can be found on following items:

  • Sacred Uniques
  • Runewords
    • Ghoul (Necromancer Wands, Oskill)


Frostfire Wave


Older Versions
v001 Renamed from Pandemonium
x x
Median 2007
1.24 Added 9% synergy bonus from Hunting Banshee.
Median 2 Special Edition
1.04 Has a new skill icon.
1.01 Decreased density of graphics to reduce lag.
0.09 beta Reduced graphics lag.
Median 2
1.14 Slightly decreased maximum damage.
1.11 Reduced damage, increased chill length.
1.7 Further reduced lag, increased damage. Is now usable!
1.5 Reduced flame spawn rate, fire duration, delay between hits to prevent fps drop.
1.2 Reduced # of waves, flame duration; upped damage, pulse rate.
0.7beta Decreased maximum damage ramp.
0.5beta Greatly increased damage.
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