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Familiar (Skill) is a Sorceress Mana skill tree summon which has an aura that increases cast rate, energy, and gives a bonus to all skill levels.


Familiar (Skill)

Summon - An untargetable feline familiar which empowers the party

Zann Esu's Rite Aura
Cast Rate: +xx%
Energy: +xx%
+xx to All Skill Levels

Damage: xx-xx
Mana Cost: xx

+1 Familiar per 5 Base Levels
Energy: +xxx% Familiar Damage
Zann Esu's Rite Aura: +1 to All Skills per 4 Base Levels

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Familiar (Skill) skill can be found on following items:


Familiar (Skill)


Median XL 2017

1.2 Felines are no longer vulnerable to reflected damage
1.0 Damage increased, now displays the current Energy damage bonus to its attacks on the tooltip
Older Versions
MXL Ultimative
XII Doubled aura range.
v1->v5 Now gets extra summon every 5 hard points.
v002 Now grants +1 skill level per 4 hard points, up from 5.
v001 Skill was introduced, replacing Wiccaning
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