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Embalming is a Necromancer Support skill tree passive which adds life the player and their minions, as well as mana regeneration for the player.

The best skill for the necromancer, it is always supermaxed for the max life bonus. This is mainly due to the fact that the Necromancer only gains +1 to life per point in vitality. The mana regeneration is helpful for caster necromancers, however it has been nerfed over the past few versions of Median XL 2017. Starting with 1.0 the mana regeneration was reduced and in 1.2 the mana regeneration bonus per level was reduced to 2% from 5%. The mana regeneration still remains strong, but it may require some invest into energy if the player wishes to use high mana cost skills.



Passive - increases mana regen and life of self and minions

Max Life Bonus to Self and Minions: +xx%

Mana Regeneration Rate: +xx%

+6% Max Life Bonus per Base Level


The Embalming skill can be found on following items:

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