The dungeons are mostly boss focused and they may only be accessed on Hell difficulty.

Image Name Act Location Required Level Reward Difficulty
Horror Under Tristram QICON Horror Under Tristram Act I Butcher's Lair 105 The Butcher's Tooth Very easy
Infernal Machine QICON Infernal Machine Act I Infernal Cave 105 Optical Detector Very easy
Death Projector QICON Death Projector Act III Proving Grounds 105 Laser Focus Crystal Very easy
Assault on Mount Arreat QICON Assault on Mount Arreat Act V Arreat Summit 110 Sacred Worldstone Key Easy
The Binding of Baal QICON The Binding of Baal Act II Canyon of the Magi 110 Scroll of Kings Easy
Akarat QICON Akarat Act III Torajan Jungles 110 Visions of Akarat Easy
Lord Aldric Jitan QICON Lord Aldric Jitan Act III Torajan Jungles 110 Moon of the Spider Easy
Horazon's Sanctum QICON Horazon's Sanctum Act III Dimensional Sanctum 110 Horazon's Focus Easy
Black Road QICON Black Road Act I Church of Dien-Ap-Sten 115 The Black Road Moderate
Legacy of Blood QICON Legacy of Blood Act III Chamber of Blood 115 Legacy of Blood Moderate
Bull Prince Rodeo QICON Bull Prince Act I Corral of Corruption 115 Fool's Gold Moderate
Rathma Square QICON Rathma Square Act III Rathma Square 115 Spirit Trance Herb Moderate
The Veiled Prophet QICON The Veiled Prophet Act IV Cathedral of Vanity 115 Idol of Vanity Moderate
Heart of Sin QICON Heart of Sin Act IV Realm of Sin 115 Azmodan's Heart Moderate
Twin Seas QICON Twin Seas Act II Island of Skartara 120 Weather Control
Deity's Bow
Eve of Destruction QICON Eve of Destruction Act V Worldstone Chamber 120 None Hard
Quov Tsin QICON Quov Tsin Act III Vizjerei Temple 120 Silver Seal of Ureh Hard
Judgement Day QICON Judgement Day Act IV Crystal Arch 120 Crystalline Flame Medallion Hard
Banisher of Light QICON Banisher of Light Act I Path of Enlightenment 120 Soul of Kabraxis Hard
Kingdom of Shadow QICON Kingdom of Shadow Act III Ruins of Ureh 120 Eternal Bone Pile Hard
Lord of Lies QICON Lord of Lies Act IV Realm of Lies 125 Book of Lies Very hard
Ghosts of Old Bremmtown QICON Ghosts of Old Bremmtown Act V Bremmtown 125 Dragon Claw Very hard
Yshari Sanctum QICON Yshari Sanctum Act III Specter of Hatred
Dream of Anguish
Phantasm of Terror
Figment of Pain
Snare of Destruction
Yshari Sanctum
125 The Ancient Repositories Very hard
Xazax QICON Xazax Act II Wretched Sands 125 Xazax's Illusion Very hard
Astrogha QICON Astrogha Act III Web of Deceit 125 Astrogha's Venom Stinger Very hard
Spirit World QICON Spirit World Act III Mbwiru Eikura 125 Umbaru Treasure Very hard
Nymyr's Light QICON Nymyr's Light Act III World Nexus 125 The Sleep Very hard
Nephalem's Sacrifice QICON Nephalem's Sacrifice Act IV Edyrem's Path 130 Neutrality Pact Extreme
Archbishop Lazarus QICON Archbishop Lazarus Act III Genesis 130 Glorious Book of Median Extreme
The Void QICON The Void Act I Black Abyss
Plane of Sloth
Plane of Gluttony
Plane of Greed
Plane of Lust
Plane of Wrath
Plane of Envy
Plane of Pride
The Void
130 Rathma's Supremacy Extreme
Herald of the End QICON Herald of the End Act V Edge of Nothingness 135 Vial of Elder Blood Impossible