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Divine Judgment is a Paladin Honor skill tree attack which rains down beams from the sky in an area in front of the player.

Today as it stands, it is one of the strongest WDM skills available to the player, but it was not always this way however. This skill came into existence with the first version of Median XL 2017 replacing Hammerstrike, but despite the description "a new powerful multi-hitting single target attack" it was not. The skill suffered an area issue which made its damage per second very low and effectively made this skill worthless. Combined with the fact that one could not recast Solar Flare while it was active and that it only lasted 6 seconds as opposed to the current value of 10 seconds, and along with a severe lack of defense compared to an Unholy Paladin build due to the nerf Dragonheart received upon the arrival of 1.0, made the Holy Melee paladin a very ineffective build to play. However, this all changed with MXL 2017 1.1 where the previous statements all changed, Divine Judgment being buffed the most significantly. It received a damage mechanic rework which increased its area and in effect its damage per second. In 1.1.3 damage spread was corrected and the total number of hits was reduced by 20%, but the skill still remained very strong. In 1.2 the number of hits was again reduced, but by 25% this time as well as a mana cost increase.

Despite the nerfs, it remains one of the strongest WDM skills, mostly being surpassed by Thorn Strike since 1.1.3.

It is only a one-pointer due to the fact its already very strong and the mana cost increase does not make it worth while to put more points into the skill.

Divine Judgment

Attack - Invoke a cascade of heavenly power to purify evil
Requires a melee weapon

Holy Skill

66% Weapon Damage
Magic Damage: xx
Mana Cost: xx

+10% Magic Damage per Base Level

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Divine Judgment skill can be found on following items:


Divine Judgment


Median XL 2017
1.0 Skill was introduced and replaced Hammerstrike
1.1 Completely reworked the damage mechanics of the skill, dps and area coverage are now greatly increased
1.1.3 Damage is now spread more evenly across the duration of the skill. Total number of hits reduced by 20%
1.2 Total number of hits per attack reduced by 25%, mana cost increased
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