Dark Portal (legacy) icon

Dark Portal is a special skill which is only usable on Destruction difficulty after killing certain super unique monsters and opens a portal to a certain uberlevel when used, depending on the monster that got killed. This skill is unlocked by transmuting the Class Charm with the Dark Tome dropped by The Summoner on Destruction difficulty.


Monster Location Destination
Zoltun Kulle Tal Rasha's Tomb Canyon of the Magi
Kentril Dumon Caldeum Vizjerei Temple
Izual Plains of Despair Khalimgrad
Imperius Khalimgrad Diamond Gates
Malthael Khalimgrad Diamond Gates
Buyard Cholik Chaos Sanctuary The Black Road
Ghom Chaos Sanctuary Realm of Sin
Maghda Chaos Sanctuary Realm of Lies
Diablo Chaos Sanctuary Black Abyss
Talic Arreat Summit Arreat Summit

Dark Portal can also be used after interacting with the figures at the end of the Diamond Gates and the Desolate Road to open portals to the Edyrem's Path and the Nexus Bridge respectively.

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