Colliding Fury is a sacred unique Bronze Sword.


This sword is possibly the best weapon for the Summon Barbarian build due to its high summon bonuses as well as providing additional summons


One-Hand Damage: 52 to 55
Required Strength: 576
Required Level: 100
(Barbarian Only)
+(2 to 3) to Barbarian Skill Levels
(30 to 35)% Cast Speed
+(75 to 100)% to Summoned Minion Attack Rating
+(20 to 25) to Fire Elementals
+(20 to 25) to Ice Elementals
+50% to Summoned Minion Life
+(50 to 75)% to Summoned Minion Damage
+25% to Summoned Minion Resistances
(30 to 35)% to Strength
+500 to Life
Socketed (6)


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