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Circle of Life is a Druid tree skill tree passive which grants the player life after each kill in Treewarden Form.

Although it only gives life after each kill (laek), it is one of the strongest skills due to the potential for a very high amount of laek (500+). It has remained unchanged since XVI. Most other characters have to get items to reach even anywhere near the amount of laek this skill provides and even then they still may not get close to the amount this skill can provide.


Circle of Life

Passive - Regenerates life when you kill an enemy in Treewarden Form

Recast morph to apply bonus

+xxx Life after Each Kill

+10% Improved Effect per Base Level

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


This skill is not found on any items including Cornerstone of the World (due to being a passive skill).


Older Versions
MXL Ultimative
XV Now a level 18 skill to match the other passives.
XIV-b Fixed.
v005 Made completely useless due to certain complaints from certain people that a tank with little aoe and a slow kill speed is actually hard to kill.
v004 Reduced the effectiveness of increasing returns at high skill levels.
v001 Increased self-synergy from 15% to 25% and improved heal ramp.
Letter Versions
1.D9 Skill was replaced in the Druid poison tree with Charm, but is now part of the new Treewarden tree.
Median 2008
1.53 Reduced bonus, but added 15% self-synergy per hard point.
1.45 Added breakpoints at level 8 (+12 heal), 16 (+16), 24 (+24) and 32 (+32).
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