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Champion of the Sun is an oskill that summons spearwomen with an aura that grants physical damage reduction and an all resistance increase.


Champion of the Sun

Summon golden spearwomen with a powerful defensive aura

Item Granted Skill

Attack Rating: xxxx
Spearwomen: x
Life: xxxx Hit Points
Damage: xx-xxx
Aura reduces damage taken by: xx%
Aura increases all resistances: +85%
Mana Cost: xxx

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Champion of the Sun skill can be found on following items:


Champion of the Sun


Median XL 2017

1.2 Fixed wrong damage reduction value listed in the skill description
Older Versions
Median 2008
1.57BETA Curare replaces Champions of the Sun in the Amazon skill tree.
1.55 Doubled life at all skill levels.
1.53 Doubled damage of summoned minions at all skill levels.
1.52 No longer erroneously have zero fire resistance.

Increased life from 50 points per level to 100 points per level.

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