Brotherhood of the Vizjerei is a required non-class set for the Yshari Sanctum uberquest.


This set have 5 pieces in it which are listed below. All of them cannot be found normally and have a 100% drop chance from the five main bosses of the Yshari Sanctum complex.

Piece Dropped by Location
Mana Belt Dul'Mephistos, the Lord of Hatred

Specter of Hatred

Sorcerer's Mask Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish

Dream of Anguish

Divine Guard Al'Diabalos, the Lord of Terror

Phantasm of Terror

Mage's Plate Duriel, the Lord of Pain

Figment of Pain

Mystical Blade Tor'Baalos, the Lord of Destruction

Snare of Destruction

Set Bonus

Full Set Bonus:
50% Base Block Chance
+50 to Holybolt
+50 to Arcane Blast
+50 to Iron Shield
Maximum Elemental Resists +15%
Elemental Resists +400%
Physical Resist 50%
Total Defense = 0

Set Items

Set Vizjerei Valthek's Blade.png

Valthek's Blade
Mystical Blade
One-Hand Damage: (25 to 38)
Required Level: 115
Strength Damage Bonus: (50/256 per Strength)%
Requirements -100%

Set Vizjerei Nor Tiraj's Safeguard.png

Nor Tiraj's Safeguard
Divine Guard
Defense: (1010 to 1205)
Chance to Block: class%
Required Level: 115
Requirements -100%

Set Vizjerei Horazon's Guard.png

Horazon's Guard
Mage's Plate
Defense: (2787 to 3381)
Required Level: 115
Requirements -100%

Set Vizjerei Quov Tsin's Crown.png

Quov Tsin's Crown
Sorcerer's Mask
Defense: (1479 to 1638)
Required Level: 115
Requirements -100%

Set Vizjerei Bartuc's Blood.png

Bartuc's Blood
Mana Belt
Defense: (1363 to 1493)
Required Level: 115
Requirements -100%


Write here any tips (item combinations, recommended socket fillers, etc.).

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