Batstrike icon

Batstrike is an Assassin Claw tree skill that charges up and upon a normal attack will use a specific charge, depending on how much the player has charged the skill.



Attack - Charge to unleash various finishers
Requires a claw
Use normal attack to release charges

First Charge: Shock Nova
100% Weapon Damage
Range Increases with Skill Level

Second Charge: Summon Familiars
Minion Life and Damage Increase with Skill Level

Third Charge: Coup de Grace
200% Weapon Damage
Converts All Weapon Physical Damage to magic
+xx Bonus Magic Damage

+1 Additional Familiar per Base Level (Max 10)
Familiars inherit your perfect being and ways passives

Skill Stats

Skill Level Base Points Soft Points


The Batstrike skill is not found on any items.



Median XL 2017

1.0 Complete rework - every stage is now cast individually, but they are all improved and the attack animation is faster
Older Versions
MXL Ultimative
XVI Fixed a bug that caused bats not getting any %avoid from Perfect Being. This means they were having effectively 1/10 as much survability as intended on the highest levels.
XIII Capped at 25 summons
XII Amount of bats now depend on the amount of hard points into the skill.
v5 Bats now get half of perfect being avoid bonus; bats now have slow and chance for AoE attack 
v005 Nova now has 20% chance to knock back; reduced bat health by 20% to prevent overflow
v003 Minion resists now correctly capped at 75%.
v001 Corrected bat familiar damage display.
v002 Charm charge now has a max radius of 6.6 yards, up from 3.3 yards. 
Letter Versions
1.F9f Increased minion damage by 50%.
1.D9 Increased AR, greatly increased charge duration; bats now inherit PB.
Number Versions
1.95 test 1 Summoned familiar AR is no longer halved.
Median XL Alpha
024 Reduced mana cost.
021 Corrected description.
020 Removed erroneous skill timer description.
019 Did something, I forgot what. (Original patch note)
018 Removed timer (which was minimal anyway, damn you all), now supports 10 bats.
016 Fixed a bug where initial timer was incorrect and went negative at higher levels.
012 Increased summoned bat life, now triggers all effects when set off.
005 Corrected description.
001 Skill was introduced, replacing Time Strike as an Assassin skill.