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Bacchanalia is the Amazon passive Blood tree Devotion Skill. You can not learn this skill if you have put any points into the Javelin, Spear, Storm, or Bow trees.

In-game Description of Skill


Passive - Increases life and improves spells when low on life

Bloodwitch Devotion Skill
You cannot learn this skill if you have any Bow, Javelin, Spear or Storm skill and vice versa
(Apart from skill bonuses from items)

Blood Fury
When below 66% Maximum Life OR Buffed with the Innate Bloodlust
Max life: +xx%

+6% Damage per base level to all bloodwitch spells


The Bacchanalia skill can be found on the following items:


Median XL: Sigma

1.0 skill enhancements are now listed on their respective tooltips 
Older Versions

Median XL 2017

1.0b Fixed an issue where Bacchanalia was not applying a damage bonus to Bloodwitch spells
1.0 Now activates when your hero is below 2/3 maximum life
MXL Ultimative
XII Doubled %health bonus.
v004 Reworked, now increases spell damage when below 1/3 life (instead of the incomprehensible breakpoint thing) and also adds +% max life and improves your other spells when below 1/3 life:

Magic Missiles: 6.6 yd splash radius on impact

Balefire: 50% damage reduction while casting

Bloodstorm: doubled target seek range and +4 targets

Lava Pit: x2 damage radius.

Letter Versions
1.F9 Bug fixed - no longer reduces spell damage at full life.
1.E9 RC Maximum damage is now attained earlier, but is lower.
Median XL Alpha
020 Fixed maximum skill level being 1 too low.
019 Tripled effect.
018 Skill was introduced, replacing Pyroclastic Flow. Passive. Gives +% blood spell damage when low on life.
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