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Abbrv Information
1H One-Handed Weapon, Skill or Attack
2H Two-Handed Weapon, Skill or Attack.
AA All Attributes. Meaning Strength, Dexterity, Vitality and Energy.
ABS Absorb. Prevents damage of the stated element and heals you for the stated amount (can be # or %).
AoE Area of Effect. A skill that hits every enemy in its... Area of Effect.
AC Arcane Crystal or Armor Class (Defense).
alvl Affix Level. Depending on the context, it can mean an affix' affix level, or an item affix level. Sometimes it is referred to as ilvl. Used on dropping and crafting.
Amu, Ammy Amulet.
Ama, Zon Amazon.
AotOR Armor of the Old Religion. Sacred Unique Ceremonial Armor.
AR Attack Rating. Higher attack rating makes you more likely to hit an enemy. Can be increased with Dexterity and other means.
AS Attack Speed or All Skills
Barb, Baba Barbarian.
Beads, BotSQ Beads of the Snake Queen. A popular Sacred Unique amulet.
BotSK Beads of the Snake King. A "Secret" sacred unique amulet
BMR Bad Mood Ring. Sacred Unique Ring
CB Crushing Blow. Grants a chance to reduce monsters life by a % [depends on enemy type and attack type]. There's no cap for it's % chance.
cLoD classic Lord of Destruction. Refers to Diablo II with the expansion but without any modifications. Also referred to as "Vanilla" D2.
clvl Character Level.
CotW Cornerstone of the World. Very sought after, unsocketable, sacred unique jewel that spawns with a random active,(except Ennead and Black Road challenge character skill ). More skills are enabled on realm.
CP Crafting Point. Needed to be able to use some cube recipes.
ctc also %ctc. An item modifier. Grants a chance to cast <named skill/spell> when the appropriate condition is met.
D2 Diablo II. (Not Median-only) The game which Median has modified.
Def Defense. More defense makes it less likely to get hit.
Dex Dexterity. Primary attribute that helps with hitting, avoid being hit, increases the damage of some weapons (mostly ranged) and is required to wear some items.
DPS Damage Per Second.
DR Damage Reduced (by #, or by %).
DS Deadly Strike or Destroyer Shaman. First is an item modifier which grants a % chance to double your physical damage. Second is a demon type monster considered by many to be the most useful reanimate, for it's Demon Blood aura.
Dudu, Dru Druid.
ED Enhanced Damage/Defense. Which this is depends on context: weapons never get "enhanced defense" and armor never gets "enhanced damage" in Median.
EF Energy Factor. Increases your spell damage.
Empy Empyrean Band. Popular tiered unique ring.
-%er, -%enemy short for '-% Enemy <specific element> Resist. As with SD, there's no standard useage. If there's an element, a '-', a number and possibly '%', it's this.
Eth Ethereal (item). (or the Eth rune)
EWD Enhanced Weapon Damage. Multiplies your total physical weapon damage in the same way as Enhanced Damage from skills. Previously called Total Char Damage. Check LFAQ (see entry) for the formula.
Exp Experience. That thing you need to get to the next level, gained by killing enemies, finishing quests and consuming some items.
FBR Faster Block Rate.
FCR Faster cast rate.
FHR Faster Hit Recovery.
FPS Frames (pictures) per second. Diablo II runs at 25 FPS. If your character's attack or spell cast lasts for 5 frames, the character can attack 5 times per second.
FRW Faster Run/Walk. Makes you go faster. Vroooom! Woosh...
GF Gold Find. An item modifier which increases the amount of gold that you find. Imagine that. A.k.a. %gf
GR Great Rune. There are 2 sets of 3 runes each, that cannot be cubed, and can only drop in a specific area, and only in Destruction.

These are: Fauztinville: Taha, Ghal, Qor. Toraja: Krys, Auhe, Sha'ad. (a.k.a. TGRs, or Toraja Great Runes.)

Honorific A cube-crafted item (see cube recipe list for creation recipe). It has no bonuses, but it gains max sockets and double the benefit from Mystics Orbs.
HS Heroic Shield. Heroic bosses have a shield that makes them invulnerable, but it drops immunities from time to time.
IAS Increased Attack Speed.
ilvl Item Level. Used to determine item properties on dropping and crafting. Can be seen with 3rd party tools.
Imba Imbalanced. Generally used as a synonym for OP, which, while not literally accurate, usually is, anyway.
% Increased Overall Speed This is: % Faster Run/Walk % Increased Attack Speed % Faster Cast Rate % Faster Hit Recovery % Faster Block Rate
ITD Ignore Target's Defense. Doesn't work for bosses and some other creature types.
LaK, LaeK Life After Each Kill.
LCS Lying Character Screen/Sheet. Not actually just a Median acronym, this refers to the character screen (where you assign and view your stats such as strength), there are many situations where the information it gives is misleading or false.
Leech Refers to the two modifiers: x% Life stolen per Hit or y% Mana stolen per Hit.
LFAQ Less Frequently Asked Questions. A thread, stickied in the MXL Strategy Discussion Section. Contains many questions and their answers, as well as resource links, tools, etc.
LMB Left Mouse Button.
LoS Life on Striking. Works on each hit of a weapon damage attack (doesn't matter if it's a missile or not).
LoSiM Life on Striking in Melee. Only works on the direct hit of a melee weapon.
LR Light Radius. A higher Light Radius makes your surroundings more illuminated.
lvl Level.
Max Putting as many skill points into a skill as you can. See also sMax.
MB Max Block. 75% chance to block is max.
MDR Magic damage reduced by # or %.
MF Magic Find. Short for '#% chance of finding better magic items'. An item modifier which increases your likelihood of finding items of magic or better quality. A.k.a. %mf
MXL MedianXL.
MO Mystic Orb, a cube reagent that may be purchased from one vendor in each act. Cubing them with the appropriate item-type adds the listed bonus to it, as well as a level penalty (+4 for MOs, +10 for UMOs). See entry. (Honorific and crafted items gain double the bonus for the same level penalty)
Necro, Nec Necromancer.
ND NextDelay. A property of certain skills designed to prevent them from hitting an excessive number of times (for example, with piercing skills). NextDelay actually is recorded on the target rather than the missile, meaning that multiple skills with NextDelay will interfere with each other. Also known (incorrectly) as NHD, or Next Hit Delay.
NH NextHit. Similar to NextDelay, except recorded on the missile (I think).
NRG Energy. A primary attribute that increases your mana and helps you deal more damage with spells.
OW Open Wounds. Grants a % chance that your attacks will continue to damage the enemy. Damage is based on character level.
OP Either Original Post (as in: a reply to...) Overpowered, in terms of the 'balance of power' in a game.
p#, /p# or /players#; (# = 1 to 8) An ingame chat command, which emulates multiple players in a Single or TCP-IP game, in regards to monster stats, Exp gained, item drops. Cannot be lower than the # of people actually in the game.
Pally, Pala, Pal, Din Paladin.
Prime Valkyrie's Prime uberquest bow.
proc Programmed Random Occurrence. See ctc.
qlvl Quality Level. Each item has a fixed quality level that is used on dropping and crafting. Sometimes it is refered to as ilvl.
QQ (you're) whining. Originated in Starcraft, where pressing Ctrl+Q+Q immediately exits the program. Now believed to be a visual representation of the puppy-dog-eyes tactic.
PLR Poison Length Reduced/Reduction. Reduces poison length by a %.
Reanim Reanimate(s). Reanimated monster(s).
Regen Regeneration. Means that something is restored over time, usually Life, Mana or Stamina.
Req Required. Usually used for req lvl, meaning Required Level.
Res Resistance. More resistance to a specific element reduces the damage gained from it.
RIP Means 'Rest in Peace'. It's used for the Slain Monsters Rest in Peace modifier, which prevents reanimates from spawning.
rlvl Required Level.
RMB Right Mouse Button.
RND Random.
RNG Random Number Generator. OR Random Number God — Blesses you when you least expect it, and curses you when you pray to him. His curse can be countered by the Forum Blessing™, granted to you when you post on the forum and QQ about your luck, especially if you open a new thread.
RoF River of Flame. The second-to-last area in Act IV, with an associated waypoint.
RTFM Read The ****ing Manual. Why? Because there is plenty of information to be found in the documentation should you care to look - either on the website or in the various stickies/Q&A threads in the forums. Save others time / aggravation, and yourself the flames / looking stupid for asking an answered, obvious question.
RW Rune Word. Created by socketing a non-magical (read: grey) item with jewels + the appropriate Rune, last.
SBS Strength Beyond Strength. It's the SSSU Gothic Plate, known mainly for having the 'Area Effect Attack' property.
_SD short for '+% <specific element> Spell Damage. As with ER, there's no standard useage. If there's an element, a '+', a number and possibly a '%', it's this.
SF Strength Factor. Increases your spell damage.
Shard Arcane Shard. Obtainable by disenchanting uniques and set items. Used to make Arcane Crystals  for some recipes. See cube recipes for more details. OR Shardspawn, a monster in the Act 5 Worldstone Chamber level, which Baal summons. They have a nasty curse on death.
Sin Assassin
sMax Supermax. Putting as many skill points into a skill as you can with '+Maximum Natural Skill Level' items/charms/skills. See also Max.
Sorc, Soso Sorceress.
SotNK Seal of the Nephalem Kings. Sacred Unique Ring.
SotS Scales of the Serpent. Sacred Unique Gothic Plate.
SUt Sacred Uniques. Unique items of the (Sacred) tier, as distinct from Tier 1-6 Uniques. Can only be found. Sometimes can be used to refer collectively to SU/SSU/SSSU items. The drop ratio is roughly SU:SSU:SSSU = 10:4:1.
SSU Originally (ex-)Secret Sacred Uniques. Now no longer 'secret', the first S is now also used as 'Second', since they're the 2nd of two itemtype's possible SUs in the documentation. These are more rare than normal Sacred Unique items. The drop ratio is roughly SU:SSU:SSSU = 10:4:1.
SSSU Third generation of Sacred Unique items. These are more rare than SSU. The drop ratio is roughly SU:SSU:SSSU = 10:4:1.
Str Strength. Primary attribute that helps with dealing more damage and is required to wear some items.
TCD EWD's (see entry) Defensive counterpart. Total Character Defense. Multiplies your total Defense. Check LFAQ for the formula.
TTAD Target Takes Additional Damage. An item modifier, does what it says. Used to be very important for anyone with Doom, since it doubled your Doom damage. Now it only works on direct melee hits.
TU Tiered Uniques. Unique items of tier 1-6, as distinct from Sacred Uniques. Simple, assured method of creation via Cube.
UA Uninterruptible Attack or Unholy Armor. The first is a item modifier that grants a % chance that, when attacking, if you're hit, the attack won't be interrupted. For the second, see below.
UMO 'Unique' Mystic Orbs. Not buyable, obtainable as a drop only, these powerful Mystic Orbs grant multiple bonuses for a higher level penalty.  The drop chance of Unique Mystic Orbs isn't affected by magic find.
Vit, Vita Vitality. Primary attribute that increases your life and stamina.
WDM Weapon Damage Modifier. The % of a weapon's damage that a skill does, e.g. 110% WDM on Bear Claw, 50% WDM on Thunderslam. Subsequently also used to refer to skills which have a weapon-damage component, as different from ones that aren't, e.g. while mechanically similar, Arrow Swarm is a WDM skill whereas Forked Lightning is not.
WSM Weapon Speed Modifier. A value that affects a weapon's attack speed, it's what makes weapons weapons of the same type [i.e. one-handed/two-handed/bow/etc, NOT sword/mace/claw/etc] have different attack rates. See the Base Weapons page for more info.
XBow Crossbow.
Xis Kabraxis. Usually indicates the Kabraxis' Stone rune.


Abbrv Information
Astro Astrogha Heroic boss.
Ath Athulua Heroic boss. (or the Ath rune)
Azmo Azmodan Dungeon Uberquest and boss.
BP, EBP, Bones Eternal Bone Pile. Kingdom of Shadow Uberlevel charm. Drops from the boss - Juris Khan.
BPR, Rodeo Bull Prince Rodeo Heroic boss.
Brachy Previously the Uberboss in the Wretched Hive. He has since been moved to the Wretched Sands and renamed Xaxax.
Bremm Ghosts of Old Bremmtown Uberlevel.  Located inside Fauztinville.
BRC Black Road Challenge. A five part challenge, taking place in the Terror difficulty. Completing this challenge will allow your character to invest in their BRC skill.
CC Class Charm. The charms that drop from Necromancers in K3KBA.
CFM Crystalline Flame Medallion. Charm from the Judgement Day Summoning Uberquest. Drops from any of the two bosses - Inarius or Malthael.
CFS Cold Fusion Schematics. Charm from the Vizjun Dungeon Uberquest. Drops from the boss - Master Control System.
Chry Unformed Land uberquest boss, Terul. He used to be called Chrysaor. Can refer to the Summoning Uberquest boss Zorun Tzin too ("Secret" Chry).
CoF Creature of Flame Dungeon Uberquest and boss.
CoV, Inarius Cathedral of Vanity Dungeon Uberquest. Inarius is the boss. Inarius is the name of the Summoning Uberquest on the same location and the boss is Inarius' ghost (also refered to as just Inarius). Renamed Chapel of Vanity in M2017.
Cows Cow Level Heroic Level. Bull Prince Rodeo (BPR) is the boss.
DClone, DC Diablo Clone. Realm-only Uberquest.
Dogma Dropped by Act Bosses on Terror and Destruction difficulty. Used for the Monster Tokens challenge.
DP Death Projector Dungeon Uberquest and boss.
Dunc Duncraig Uberlevel. Assur is the boss.
Ennead Ennead challenge.
Evil Eye(s), Eye(s) Veteran Monster Token challenge (items).
Fauz, Fauzt Fauztinville Uberlevel.
FG Fool's Gold. Charm from Bull Prince Rodeo Heroic boss. OR Forum Gold. Currency used for trading items and real money on the forum.
IM, Optical Infernal Machine Dungeon Uberquest and boss.
IotSS Island of the Sunless Sea Uberlevel.
JD, JDay Judgment Day Summoning Uberquest.
Jitan, LAJ Lord Aldric Jitan Summoning Uberquest and boss.
K3KBA, K3K Kurast, 3000 (years) Before Akarat. An Uberlevel in the Spider Forest, replacing what was the Arachnid Lair in classic Lord of Destruction. Three Necromancers are the bosses.  Uberlevel entrance moved to Torajan Jungle in M2017.
Kab Kabraxis Uberlevel and boss.
KoH, Ureh Kingdom of Shadow Uberlevel.
Koth King Koth. Assault on Mount Arreat Summoning Uberquest boss.
Laz, LazBro, BL Brother Laz. Summoning Uberquest and boss. Also the creator of Median/MedianXL.  Brother Laz uberboss renamed Archbishop Lazarus in M2017.
LC Level Challenge. For the first: there are three Level Challenges in Median XL, which reward the player for completing certain tasks before reaching a certain character level. Usually you'll see 'LC0', 'LC1' or 'LC2', check the documentation for details. The Ennead Challenge could also be considered a sort of level challenge since it must be done before character level 80. (LC0 has been removed).
LoB, Bartuc Legacy of Blood - Summoning Uberquest or charm. Bartuc is the boss.
MCS Master Control System. Vizjun Dungeon Uberquest boss.
Mendeln Boss in the Void Uberquest.
QT, Quov, Tsin Quov Tsin Heroic Boss.
Rathma Can refer to the Void boss or the Rathma Square Dungeon (see RS below).
RS Rathma Square Dungeon Uberquest.
SS Sunstone(s). There are 5 sunstones, all related to same map: Level Challenge 1 or Tran Athulua uberquest.  Sunstone of the Elements renamed "Elemental Prism" in M2017.
Stinger Astrogha's Venom Stinger. Astrogha Heroic boss' charm.
SW, Witch Startled Witch Dungeon Uberquest. (Naturally, Witch can also refer to countess and open map witches.)
TA Tran Athulua. An uberlevel in the Twin Seas, accessed through the Halls of the Dead. This is where the Level Challenges take place, as well as the 'Trial of Blood' of the Black Road Challenge.
TC, Chest Trader's Chest. The Unformed Land uberlevel charm. Drops from the boss - Terul (used to be called Chrysaor).
Uldy Uldyssian. Dungeon Uberquest and boss.
Viz Vizjun Dungeon Uberquest. Master Control System (MCS) is the boss.
YS Yshari Sanctum Uberlevel. Valthek is the boss.
ZT Zorun Tzin Summoning Uberquest boss.


Abbrv Information
AoD Angel of Death. Necromancer warp strike skill that deals poison damage.
Banshee, HB Hunting Banshee. A Druid skill. Casts an ice spirit that hunts down random enemies.
BH Blood Hatred.  Barbarian melee skill that degenerates player health in exchange for losim and pierces enemy resistances.
BL Blessed Life or Bloodlust. First is a holy Paladin passive skill which grants physical damage reduction and resistance, as well as an improved healing rate from apples. Second is the innate Amazon skill, which boosts elemental and weapon damage. Also available as oskill and as proc on a rather large amount of items.
BotS Body of the Savior.
BT Blood Thorns. An unholy Paladin skill which casts multiple fire damage missiles after a melee attack, provided Terror Strike has been activated.
BtS Bend the Shadows. A Necromancer skill. Teleports you and minions/hireling/totems to a targeted minion.
CB or Pewpew Cryo Beam. Old Assassin bomb skill which fires a laser that does cold damage. Has a chance to atomize the target, dealing heavy damage.
CoS Carpet of Spiders. The 4th skill in the Sorceress' Poison tree. Sprouts deadly poisonous spiders from the ground beneath target enemy, which then spreads over a large area, and poison all foes touched by them.  Renamed Arachnomancy in M2017.
Crows, SC Storm Crows. An Assassin skill. Throws several auto-targeting knives. SC can also mean Soft-Core, read below.
DA Divine Apparition. The skill granted to the Paladin for completing the Ennead Challenge. Teleports and freezes enemies in an area.
DF Dragonforce. An Amazon Bow skill. Renamed to Wyrmshot.
DH Defensive Harmony. An Amazon passive skill which slows attackers and grants a chance of uninterruptible attacks.
FF Faerie Fire. Druid uberskill which creates a trail of dazzling lights that damage enemies standing on it (a-la cLoD Blaze) as well as granting some avoid.
Force, Nature, FoN Force of Nature. A Druid Uberskill which increases spell damage by a factor of the Druid's strength (attribute).  It also adds flat fire/cold/light elemental if the player already has those elemental damage from another source.
HG Hades Gate. Removed Assassin skill. Teleports to a corpse, creating a shockwave nova. Timered. a.k.a. Hades.
IB Immolation Bomb. An Assassin skill that drops a stationary bomb at the character's feet, after three seconds explodes, sending a ring of fireballs out to impact on anything nearby. Renamed as Fireball Sentry, and now is created at target point and continuously fire... fireballs before exploding.
Illu Illumination. A Sorceress skill from the Fire tree. Increases your damage. Replaced by Firedance.
MK Mountain King. A Barbarian skill which grants percentile bonus to all stats.
NW Nephalem Weapons. Barbarian uberskill which grants elemental damage to the party, based on the caster stats.  Renamed Nephalem Spirit and changed to an untargetable summon in M2017
PB Perfect Being.  Assassin skill that grants avoid %.
QoB Queen of Blades. An Assassin skill which periodically launches a volley of weapon-damage shurikens at the closest X enemies, where X is the number of points spent in Queen of Blades.
RC Rathma's Chosen. A Necromancer uberskill which grants the targeted minion immortality and a large amount of Magic damage for the duration of the spell. Also available to Nihlathak. Beware.
Refuge, SR Shadow Refuge. Assassin skill which grants damage reduction and increased velocity and damage for a short period.
RM Runemaster. A Barbarian uberskill which increases your total defense rating by #% * # of runes in socketed into your equipment.
SA Sacred Armor. Called Holy Armor before, grants huge magic and physical damage reduction, to the point of immortality [in most situations, but you CAN die] for a short period. Also gives a velocity bonus.
SB Scorpion Blade, Starburst or Stormblast. First two are Assassin skills. The first throws a highly poisonous knife, the second launches a volley of shurikens. Third is a Barbarian skill which releases a expanding [with levels] lightning bolt. 100% physical to lightning conversion, hits multiple times.
Shatter, StF Shatter the Flesh. Sorceress Skill. Makes a corpse explode, damaging and freezing enemies around it.
SoV Spirit of Vengeance. An Amazon Uberskill. Summons a Spirit of vengeance from a corpse. The SoV has a very beneficial aura, and creates random allied Reanimates.
SoR Shower of Rocks. A Barbarian melee skill which brings exactly what it sounds like down on your enemies' heads.
SS Soul Shatter or Snake Stance. The first is an oskill that sacrifices a target minion to create a weapon-damage shock nova.  The second is a Barbarian poison/slow stance (aura).
TS Thunder Slam, Titan Strike, Time Strike or Terror Strike. The first is a Barbarian Crowd Control skill, the second is a the Barbarian innate skill, the third a melee attack that hits again after a delay, usually available as a ctc, the last a Paladin unholy melee attack that empowers subsequent elemental attacks and is required to cast most of the Unholy Melee skills.
TSlam Thunder Slam. See above.
TStrike Either Terror Strike, or Titan Strike by context. See above.
UA Unholy Armor or Uninterruptible Attack. First is an oskill similar to Holy Armor, though without the velocity boost. It used to be able to achieve a longer duration. For the second, see above.
VA Void Archon. A Necromancer summon, gifted with a slew of abilities, among them being its ability to reduce enemies' Attack Rating, thus reducing the amount of damage you and your minions take.
VK Veil King. Strong Necromancer summon that have a chance to cast a lethal poison attack, and reanimates foes that he kills. Attacks you if it's killed.
VS Voodoo Shot. Last Necromancer crossbow skill. Releases homing spikes around targeted minion.  Renamed Widowmaker in M2017.
VoJ Vessel of Judgement. Paladin buff skill that launches lightning bolt at close enemies, dealing physical spell damage (not weapon based).
Wolf, WC Wolf Companion. Barbarian skill that summons a untargetable wolf which inflicts Doom on foes and grants bonuses from spirit guide when nearby.
WotG Way of the Gryphon. An Assassin uberskill which improves the damage of lightning spells, and adds bonus lightning damage to the character's weapon (or fist).
WotP Way of the Phoenix. Similar to Way of the Gryphon, except with fire damage instead, and not an uberskill.
WotS Way of the Spider. Similar to Way of the Phoenix, except with poison damage instead.
WW Wychwind. An Assassin skill. A thrown knife creates a field of rifts around the point of impact.


Abbrv Information
Badge(s) Awards for different accomplishments. Can be seen as pictures under a user's avatar/name. The two most common ones are the red Badge of Love - given for having 20 cookies, and white Poster Badge for having 1000 posts. Each badge has 3 tiers, the higher tiers being more difficult to reach. Some badges can be earend only for special events, competitions, being special or for doing something. Most badges are obtained automatically when their condition is met. Others are manually given by mods and admins. If they don't notice you should have one, PM a moderator or admin.
Buff A spell or skill which makes its target(s) better/stronger/etc.
Cookie(s) The 'upvote' or 'like' on the forum, usually seen by the green-red stripe to the right of a post, or the "Cookie" label under a user's avatar/name. Green indicates positive votes and red negative. Each user starts with 0 cookies. Other people can reduce or increase the number of your cookies by clicking the + or - on the right of your posts. Only one cookie can be given or taken per day, and per post (except admins, who can give unlimited cookies per day, but still only one per post). You have to have at least 1 cookie and 10 posts to be able to give or take cookies. When you give or take someone's cookies, your cookie count doesn't change. Positive votes are usually called just cookie(s) or green cookies, but negative votes are usually called red cookies (because of the red color they produce).
DC, Disc Disconnect(-ed).
Debuff The opposite of a buff. Weakens its target(s).
FG Forum Gold. Currency used for trading items and real money on the d2jsp forum. (see TG) OR Fool's Gold. Charm from Bull Prince Rodeo Heroic boss.
GS Game Server. Once a game is created on our TSW realm it's automatically assigned to a Game Server. If there is lag, you can manually choose the server you play on (eg. one closer to you) by entering gs# in game description when creating it, or set it permanently with the /gs # command in chat. the /server command will show a list of servers and their corresponding number.  Once you enter a game, the GS number is shown, and you can find it in the chat history list, as well.
HC Hardcore. The game mode where if you die once, you can't play that character again.
ISO In Search Of. A trading prefix.
Legacy Generally used to describe items from a previous patch, and has been significantly changed (for better or for worse) since then. The item was changed for a reason, so using Legacy items in considered cheating.
LOL<something> LOL when used as a prefix (e.g. LOLzon). Need not be all-caps. It indicates use of a skill(, usually,) that (is so powerful, it) makes the game a joke. Note: The term tends to stick even after balance changes to said skill / item / etc. e.g. Lolmures -> old damage-cap-breaking Lemures. Lolsummons -> old MO oSkill summons.
NN No need. Usually used when negotiating a trade with someone, to say you don't need the item(s) they're offering.
N Need. Usually used when negotiating or advertisins a trade. People put it at the start of the game or thread name, or in a chat channel. Usually followed by the item name.
O Offer. Usually used when negotiating or advertisins a trade. People put it at the start of the game or thread name, or in a chat channel. Usually followed by the item name.
OT Off-Topic or Offline Tools. First: Posts (or part of thereof) are off-topic when they don't relate to the discussion and contents in the topic. You could almost say it's like 'going on a tangent' while in a conversation. Second: A useful tool for seeing/moving items and character from a save file. You can download it here.. It's similar to character/hero editors, but doesn't allow cheating. Mostly used for turning on all the waypoints in single player, renaming, changing skills/stats, removing MOs, (auto-)organizing the inventory, stash and shared stashes.
R Read. Used when advertising a trade. People usually put it in the game name to tell people to read the game description for trade details, or they say it in the channel, in which case it means "read my character description for more details".
SC Softcore. It's called like that to mean the opposite of Hardcore. The default game mode, where you can die as many times as you want.
SS Screen-shot (can be taken by pressing Print Screen button - sometimes labeled as Prt Sc).
TG TSW Gold or Trade Gold. Similar concept as FG, but on medianxl forum. Currency for trading trading items and services. Can be gained by trading or donating.
Twink, Twinked (Untwinked) To give a (low level) character powerful items that, while being able to use, it should not be able to gain yet. Usually happens when players use their strong characters to give items to their new ones. Untwinked means the opposite, playing the game normally.
WUW What you Want (for it). Usually used when negotiating a trade. If you are selling an item you might get this as a whisper asking you what you need in exchange for said item.